Feline Osteopathy

Domesticated cats, such as pets, can suffer from a lack of activity when restricted within the home and not allowed to go outside. This can generate chronic tension and pain that then impacts the cat’s mobility and overall well being. We can support a cat throughout its life by providing it with feline osteopathy care, a specialization of animal osteopathy.

Definition of Feline Osteopathy

A sedentary lifestyle is usually not in line with our feline friends’ needs to be independent, territorial, and predatory carnivores. 

An animal osteopath is a practicionner with a degree who can intervene throughout the animal’s life to treat a variety of health problems linked to the growth of a kitten through to adulthood, in the event of diseases, accidents or functional disorders. Lastly, an animal osteopath is often called upon in order to help older cats maintain optimal mobility thereby improving their quality of life. 

Feline Osteopathy, In Which Cases Is It Useful?

Certain pathologies of the cat can be managed by feline osteopathy. Here’s a list of some common reasons for consulting a feline osteopath.

  • In the event of locomotor problems in the cat (lameness, pain, paralysis, etc.)
  • For digestive, urinary or respiratory disorders (diarrhea, vomiting, cystitis, cough, etc.)
  • In the case of neurological disorders
  • In the case of ear infections
  • To help with behavioral disorders
  • In the event of dermatological problems (allergies, dermatoses, etc.)
  • After orthopedic or visceral surgery, an in the event of accident or trauma

How Does a Feline Osteopathy Consultation Unfold?

Most consultations in feline osteopathy undertake two stages. 

First, the feline osteopath assesses the animal’s condition in order to make a diagnosis and identify somatic dysfunction. This is the stage of static and dynamic observation of the cat. During this stage, the animal osteopath performs an osteopathic examination using palpation and percussion as well as mobility tests.

The second stage of the consultation in animal osteopathy is devoted to the various manual manipulations in order to treat the cat’s diagnosed dysfunction.

There are also other specialties, such as canine osteopathy, equine osteopathy, and bovine osteopathy.