School of animal osteopathy

To become a manual therapist, you have to take a course in a school of animal osteopathy. ESAO is the benchmark school for training in the profession of manual therapist, all in a benevolent and idealistic natural setting.

The first animal osteopathy school in Europe

In Europe, ESAO is the leading school of animal osteopathy. It has been the European benchmark for the teaching of animal osteopathy for almost 30 years.

ESAO over the years

The school ESAO was founded in 1993 upon the initiative of Jean-Yves Girard. With a presence in the UK as well as the rest of Europe, the school is training the animal osteopaths of tomorrow. 

In 2002, ESAO UK was accredited by the British Accreditation Council, an independent body whose mission is to maintain the quality of educational institutions and private higher education in Great Britain.

ESAO France delivers a European level 6 programme registered on the National Repository of Professional Certifications since 2017. In 2019 It was also registered as an institution with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and holds a “Qualiopi” certificate, testifying of the highest quality of educational process since 2022.

What is a School of Animal Osteopathy 

A school of animal osteopathy aims to teach osteopathy for animals and deliver a recognised diploma for animal osteopathy at the end of study. Students learn this natural medicine, which allows you to see the animal in its entirety, and to treat a wide variety of functional disorders: lameness and stiffness, visceral pathologies, ovarian disorders, behavioral disorders and respiratory insufficiencies. Being an osteopath for animals requires extensive knowledge and in-depth expertise. In order to respect and apply the fundamental principles of animal osteopathy you must therefore complete a training course at an animal osteopathy school.

The first recommendation to follow when looking for an animal osteopathy school is to check that the training offered is accredited and has a long and recognised experience in offering a complete training, including many hours of hands-on practice on animals. This ensures the teaching framework, expertise and quality assessment.

School of Excellence and high quality training

ESAO school is the only school to provide a training programme in animal osteopathy accredited by official and independent study control bodies in different countries. This high-quality training also gives students access to nearly 900 animals in order to practice their animal osteopathy skills.

étudiants qui reçoivent leur diplôme

The stables and access to 900 animals 

ESAO students are fortunate to benefit from the school’s educational partnerships with numerous stables, farms, shelters and breeders. This allows students privileged access to nearly 900 animals across Europe in order to immerse themselves in the heart of the animal world and the practice of animal osteopathy.

A team of enthusiasts and specialists

ESAO’s educational team includes:

  • Mr. Jean-Yves Girard, ESAO’s Founder, President of European Federation of Animal Osteopaths, Chair of the Scientific and Pedagogical Council at ESAO.
  • Members of the Management Team, with Centres for Education, Development and Accounting.
  • Educational Specialists, such as Osteopaths, Animal Manual Therapists, Physiotherapists, Vets, Doctors in Biology, Riders and Racehorse Trainers, etc.
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