Animal Osteopathy Salary

If you’re considering a career as an animal osteopath, you might need to find out more about what the job entails. Follow the link to learn more about animal therapy. An important factor in any career choice is salary, whether you’re a student looking ahead and planning your studies or you’re an existing professional looking for a new challenge. So, what can you expect from an animal osteopathy salary? 

What is an average animal osteopathy salary?

An animal osteopath’s salary is very variable and depends on a lot of factors. However, you might expect to start on between £20K and £25K per annum (or equivalent in other currencies), with your salary then increasing over time (up to £65K). Another way to consider your earning potential is in terms of consultation price. An average consultation with an animal therapist could cost between £50 and £100, so your yearly income will depend on how many consultations you intend to do per day or per week.

What factors affect an animal therapy salary?


Animal osteopathy as a career is more valued and widely used in certain countries compared to others. For example, in France animal osteopathy is an established and respected career, and, although the UK is lagging behind slightly, opportunities are also growing. Hence, we have opened one of our ESAO schools in Newmarket, UK.

As well as different countries, the exact area or postcode where you are working can also affect your salary, as wealthy areas are more likely to seek the care of an animal osteopath.

Years of experience

Just like many professions, years of experience will have a positive effect on salary. Not only will the years you’ve spent practicing allow you to build a client base and a reputation, but it will also help you develop your skills as an osteopath.


Animal osteopaths will often rely on word of mouth to widen their client base and grow their business. Over time, this growth will generate more income.


If you are a graduate, especially in relevant studies like medicine, veterinary, or physiotherapy, you can expect a higher salary. This is also the case if you take on additional training in other complementary therapies.

Field of work

Because many roles are included in an animal therapy career, the role you do will affect your salary. If you work in equine osteopathy, you may find that the associated salary is more than if you worked with cats or dogs. Similarly, if you choose to become a lecturer in osteopathy, your salary could be greater, but with less scope for salary increase over time. Follow the link to find more information about the different animal osteopathy job descriptions.

Employment status

There are animal therapy roles where you work as an employee, but you might choose to set up your own business. Not only will being self-employed allow you more flexibility, but it could also give you a higher salary.

Working hours

Being a self-employed animal osteopath gives you control over your hours, meaning that you can choose to work more and earn more if that’s what suits you. On the other hand, if you have other commitments or want to maintain a better work-life balance, you can adjust your working hours accordingly.


An animal osteopathy salary can be very varied and these are just some of the factors that influence how much you could earn. However, if you’re looking for a rewarding career with an attractive salary, discover how to become an animal osteopath.

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